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South Korean government’s unsuccessf­ul attempt

In recent years, the South Korean government has attempted to reduce the long work ng hours n the country but ts workers are st ll averag ng 2,113 hours annually. Greek workers were somet mes labeled as over-pa d, lazy and eager to ret re early after the f nanc al cr s s struck but those accusat ons were certa nly unfounded. People n Greece work the most hours of any European country w th 2,042 every year on average. Turk sh workers’ average annual work t me s just above U.S. workers at 1,832 hours.

‘Product ve’ Germans

U.S. workers put n a 1,779 hour sh ft every year wh le across the border n Canada, the annual total adds up to 1,691. French workers get a much better deal w th 1,482 hours wh le n

Germany, the total only comes to 1,371. Also, young adults are often portrayed as be ng lazy and unproduct ve but a new report has actually revealed that the oppos te s true. Globally, nearly three quarters of young people aged between 18 and 34 work over 40 hours every week. Young workers n Ind a spend the most t me n the off ce w th an average weekly sh ft com ng to 52 hours wh le n the UK, they work an average of 45 hours per week.

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