Divide and rule


Devlet Bahceli announced that he would support Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the presidenti­al election. He went beyond that as well, explaining that until 2024, he would give approval to all the actions of Erdogan. The increasing­ly trenchant words of the AKP, and especially Erdogan, show that it will continue to govern society by dividing it. Erdogan’s statements on Tuesday exposed the key points of pressure of this polarizati­on tactic. “Today, the target of attacks on Tayyip Erdogan and the AK Party is not us, it is Turkey. Turkey does not only mean Turkey. Turkey means the beating hearts and hopes of hundreds of millions of our brothers living in the region, starting from the center of Europe to the depths of Africa,” Erogan said. According to this, Erdogan and the AKP mean Turkey. Turkey means the whole Islamic world. Our dear president managed to say more worrying things for the future in his speech that day. “It is clear that the 2019 election will be between the local and national ones and those who are in the hands of other groups” he said. Looking a move ahead, this paints those who vote for Erdogan as patriots and those who do not as traitors.

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