Minevra’s owl

Dünya Executive - - POLITICS - T24.COM.TR JAN. 18 METIN MUNIR

The war for overthrowi­ng Assad in Syria is about to end. Turkey, its partners in the Gulf and their supporters in Washington have lost. Russia, Iran, Assad and the Syrian Kurds have won. Washington does not support Turkey, they back the Syrian Kurds. They train and arm the opposition forces led by Kurds in order to get them to do the task of guarding the border against Turkey and Assad. By doing this, they have sacrificed Turkey. Erdogan has opposed this initiative and has decided to strangle the Syrian Kurds. But he won’t be able to do it because Turkey does not have the power to carry out its will in Syria alone. It does not have any friends in the Middle East except Qatar. Its relationsh­ip with Russia and Iran is balanced on a knife’s edge. Turkey is doomed to lose in Syria. As soon as others withdraw from the region, and Assad continues to grow stronger, the regime will keep the pressure on the Syrian Kurds

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