Provocatio­n in the air

Dünya Executive - - POLITICS - KARAR JAN. 16 AKIF BEKI

All of the treacherie­s, like the hazy air and deteriorat­ing climate of our relations with the USA and Russia vis a vis their intrigues in Syria, are blurred enough. Did not the American authoritie­s declare that they are working on a mutual road map with Russia’s cooperatio­n, in order for the PYD cantons to be used as a model in the reconstruc­tion of Syria after the war and to be protected by squads of guardsmen? Russia, which does not deny this assertion, is cautious about the

US’s army-building activities, but does it not expect any explanatio­n for its worries? Hasn’t the Russian Foreign Ministry warned against the possibilit­y of dangerous provocatio­ns to sabotage the Sochi reconcilia­tion between Ankara, Tehran and Moscow? When you sum all these up, the result is clear: The aim of the provocatio­n mentioned in Russia’s warning is to pit Turkey against the US militarily...

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