Omer Aras

- QNB F nansbank Cha rman

Dünya Executive - - CEO PERSPECTIV­ES -

“The Fed, wh ch started to ncrease nterest rates last year for the f rst t me n the last 15 years, says that these nterest rate h kes w ll cont nue n the upcom ng per od. So we enter a new world economy. The moves of the central bank n the

US, perhaps even the the European Central Bank subsequent­ly, w ll g ve new d rect ons to global l qu d ty. Therefore, l qu d ty that flows nto develop ng countr es, nclud ng Turkey, or cheap money may not be as ample as t used to be. We need to be caut ous. We can acqu re these resources at a h gher nterest rate.”

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