Husey n Ayd n

- Banks Assoc at on of Turkey Pres dent and Z raat Bankas General Manager

Dünya Executive - - CEO PERSPECTIV­ES -

“To prov de new loans, banks need to f nd new depos ts and equ ty n add t on to collect ng on ex st ng loans. The sector adds a very mportant port on of prof t to equ ty, and depos ts are scarce. To ra se cred ts and g ve new cred ts, t s necessary to e ther f nd sources outs de depos ts or borrow from fore gn markets. The sector cont nued to f nd resources from the outs de. In 2017, we owe more than the outstand ng cred t or debt. S m larly, we w ll be able to do net borrow ng n 2018.”

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