Unity in violence


All but one political parties support the Afrin operation. Can the love-in last?

The Afrin operation, called ‘Olive Branch’, is topping the political agenda these days. There was full support for the operation from all political parties except the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP). The Republican People’s Party (CHP) and Nationalis­t Movement Party (MHP) leaders were informed by the Prime Minister at the Çankaya Mansion about the operation. The CHP, which supports the Afrin operation, also called on the government “to keep the opposition informed at every step.” The CHP spokespers­on explained their expectatio­ns from the government in three categories: “Inform the main opposition at every step, be sincere at every stage, and inform the main opposition of diplomatic and political commitment­s.” The parliament, which paused a week before the operation, began its work last week by discussing the operation. Nurettin Canikli, Minister of National Defense, provided informatio­n on behalf of the government. On Jan. 30, the Afrin operation will be discussed once again in parliament.

A new comprehens ve law s n the p pel ne

A new bag law is expected to be sent to the parliament shortly. Key elements of the law, detailed by Finance Minister, Naci Agbal, will be the legal infrastruc­ture for promoting investment­s and employment. Businesses that invest in machinery, equipment and R&D will be exempt from VAT, with the incentive running from 2018 to 2019. Employment incentives will be provided in the manufactur­ing industry and the ICT sector. The TRY 100 support given to employers for the minimum wage will also be in the law.

CHP w ll hold ts Congress on February 3-4

The CHP will hold its 36th ordinary congress, focusing on themes of “justice and courage,” on February 3-4. Umit Kocasakal, the former Istanbul Bar Associatio­n President, was the first to announce his nomination for the presidency. Last week, CHP Yalova deputy, Muharrem Ince, also announced his nomination in a press conference. According to CHP bylaws, Kocasakal needs to collect about 120 signatures, a total of 10 percent of the total number of delegates. Party insiders, however, say his odds are slim. Ince, meanwhile, has declared that he collected the required signatures and has been nominated.

Ince, who was also a candidate for the 18th Extraordin­ary General Assembly held on September 5, 2014, is the most powerful candidate to face Kilicdarog­lu in the congress. At the time, he received the signatures of 177 delegates and a total of 415 votes. But the re-election of Kilicdarog­lu, who dominates the delegates, is almost certain, according to party insiders. The real change is expected to take place in the 60-member Party Parliament.

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