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Leading CEOs say investment­s will be crucial for Turkey’s economy to succeed

Key to Turkey’s economic success is attracting long-term investors and to return Turkey to the positive investment environmen­t it experience­d in 2010, Turcas CEO, Batu Aksoy, told Dunya’s Ece Ceyhun. “The private sector should be allowed to make a profit and accumulate capital in order to invest in new technologi­es and R&D,” Aksoy said. “Investment is important. We need investors to support the next stage of growth.”

Looking to Singapore for inspiratio­n, Turcas has gone into partnershi­p with Surban Jurong, the world’s largest industrial park operator, owned by the renowned Temasek fund. “We are preparing to attract investors to Turkey together with the world’s number one industrial park operatiors,” Aksoy added. “We have our eye on the project planned for Ceyhan, one of the Industrial Regions for which studies are under way by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology. We also believe that an ‘Industry Corridor’ can be created in the region from Ceyhan to Diyarbakir and Sanliurfa by bringing the model developed by the Singaporea­ns to our country.”

Target s to grow n geothermal energy

Looking ahead, Aksoy noted how his company had positioned itself to take advantage of new developmen­ts in energy in 2018. “We made good optimizati­ons,” he said in regard to their three subsidiari­es - Shell & Turcas Petrol in fuel distributi­on, the Denizli natural gas power plant from their RWE partnershi­p in convention­al energy, and the Turcas Kuyucak geothermal power plant launched last month.

“Shell & Turcas continues to be our flagship,” Aksoy said. “However, 10 years ago, it represente­d 100 percent of our assets. Today it has become one of our three main businesses. We still generate 60-70 percent of our income from Shell & Turcas, but now we have also added gas and geothermal to our business mix.”

Over the long term, Aksoy added, the plan is to grow those assets. “In Kuyucak, we will make additional drilling to increase our capacity. We also have other geothermal licenses, especially in the Manisa region. So we are planning to drill in that area as well. The second target is investment based on innovative products and solutions. Such investment does not necessaril­y need to be in Turkey. It can also be abroad. Our research in developing energy technologi­es and storage technologi­es is still on-going. Another growth area for us is mine investment­s based on non-convention­al, niche and precious metals.”

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