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talent and growth in a disruptive env ronment.

For the f rst t me s nce PwC began ask ng theses quest on n 2012, the major ty of CEOs surveyed bel eve global econom c growth w ll “mprove.” 51 percent of CEOs n Turkey bel eve global econom c growth w ll “mprove” wh le th s rat o s 57 percent among global CEOs. 42 percent of global CEOs are very conf dent over the next 12 months. CEOs n Turkey are sl ghtly more caut ous w th 32 percent express ng h gh conf dence.

What keeps CEOs up at n ght?

Look ng more closely at the data, the survey f nds a tale of opt m st c global expans on play ng out aga nst a background of concern. Of the broader soc al threats that CEOs n Turkey worry about, geopol t cal uncerta nty tops the l st, followed by exchange rate volat l ty and terror sm. Geopol t cal uncerta nty s the top concern also for global CEOs. Over regulat on and ncreas ng tax burdens are other top concerns. As for threats wh ch are expected to have a d rect mpact on the r bus nesses, CEOs, both globally and n Turkey, named cybercr me as most worr some.

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