Halbank says talks with U.S. continuing in ‘healthy way’

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Contacts between Turkey’s Halkbank and U.S. author t es are cont nu ng n a “healthy way,” the bank’s ch ef execut ve sa d on Jan. 24, add ng the lender conforms to U.S. sanct ons on Iran. Osman Arslan, n an nterv ew w th broadcaste­r Bloomberg HT, also sa d the bank had establ shed contacts w th U.S. author t es regard ng the Iran sanct ons case nvolv ng one of ts execut ves. In January a U.S. jury found Halkbank execut ve Mehmet Hakan At lla gu lty of help ng Iran evade U.S. sanct ons, conv ct ng h m on f ve counts, nclud ng bank fraud and consp racy, n a case wh ch has stra ned t es between Ankara and Wash ngton. the real owners wh le clear ng out terror sts from there.” On Jan. 20, Turkey launched Operat on Ol ve Branch to clear PYD/PKK and Daesh terror sts from Afr n, n northweste­rn Syr a. Erdogan sa d the operat on was a

“clear warn ng” to those who d d not want to understand Turkey’s determ nat on n the f ght aga nst terror sm. The pres dent slammed those who wanted to see the operat on as an “occupat on movement.” He re terated that the ongo ng operat on was d rected aga nst terror sts. “Here, I once aga n declare to world. Turkey’s operat on n Afr n purely and s mply a ms at the terror st organ zat ons and terror sts,” Erdogan sa d, add ng that at least 343 terror sts had been “neutral zed” s nce the beg nn ng of the operat on.

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