Turkey buys firefighti­ng helicopter­s from Russian state-owned ROSTEC

Dünya Executive - - OVERVIEW -

The pol t cal rapprochem­ent between Ankara and Moscow s caus ng concern n Europe and the U.S. Fears reached the r peak w th Turkey’s dec s on to acqu re the Russ an S-400 a r defence system and th s cooperat on could move further.

Another step forward was the acqu s t on of f ref ght ng hel copters from Russ an state-owned ROSTEC’s Vertolety Ross , accord ng to Ker m Ulker of da ly DUNYA.

ROSTEC s among the world’s b ggest defence compan es w th 450,000 employees. The company also manufactur­es the S-400 m ss le systems that Turkey has ordered. Its subs d ary, Vertolety

Ross , also produces two types of m l tary hel copters, the Kamov and M l. It has civilian hel copters n ts portfol o as well. The most popular be ng the Ka-32 a f ref ght ng hel copter. Turk sh Kaan A r bought three tw n screw hel copters from the Russ an company. The order w ll be del vered n the com ng months, Andre Bog nsky, CEO of Vertolety Ross , sa d. It s the f rst order from Turkey wh le Thaland and Ch na are also n the p pel ne, Bog nsky added.

The grow ng relat onsh p between ROSTEC and Turkey – f rst w th the purchase of the S-400 system on the m l tary front and now the Ka-32 hel copters on the civilian front – w ll certa nly ra se eyebrows and draw close scrut ny over the com ng months.

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