The influence of Afrin on domestic politics and elections


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The Euphrates Shield operation was launched on August 24, 2016. At that time, when the operation was being conducted, political circles discussed “early elections.” But the April 16, 2017 referendum on the presidenti­al system, a vital issue for the President, overtook the agenda. Euphrates Shield did not guarantee the referendum. For this purpose, the AKP saw the need to “unite” with the MHP…The Afrin operation was delayed, but the timing was perfect. You can put Afrin politicall­y on a timeline with the election…The attacks of the EU and the U.S. on Erdogan and his government all served to keep RTE alive. ...No doubt RTE is determined about “decisively winning” the presidenti­al elections, seen as the second and complement­ary stage of the referendum. He will hold the elections whenever he believes he will win - early or on time. But in economic circles, the economy points to July 15 this year. The key reason for this is that the country is borrowing twice as much as the budget deficit (47 billion). The excess will be used to settle economic anxieties before the election, promote growth and increase expenditur­es.

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