Will there be early elections?


Dünya Executive - - POLITICS -

... The opposition had its own theory: “They will call early elections and turn Afrin into an election rant.” But there are other reasons for early election supporters: 1- If the AK Party’s votes decrease during local elections the consequenc­es for the presidenti­al election could be dire. 2- The AK Party and the MHP candidates will compete during local elections, so their alliance may erode. 3- The ruling party will prefer to hold the elections while the state of emergency (OHAL) continues. 4- If the local elections are held before presidenti­al elections, the HDP may get back the municipali­ties in the southeast of Turkey. 5 - The economy will deteriorat­e from the second half of 2018 . ... Bahceli will not get an early election decision without coming to an agreement with Erdogan over the alliance. Also, as long as Erdogan does not want it, early elections will not come to a vote at the parliament.

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