What does the alliance law mean ?


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...The new law will allow the MHP to be in parliament even if its votes stay under the threshold. Unsealed votes will count. Ballot boxes will be able to be moved. Law-enforcemen­t officers will wait by the ballots. Presiding officers will be appointed by the AKP-appointed authoritie­s. The electoral system will be changed in order allow the AKP and MHP to gain more representa­tional power than the votes they received. All of this will be done under the state of emergency. What was the point in waiting until today? The AKP and the MHP could have made all these changes by building a coalition after the June 7 elections. However, at that time, Bahceli had a condition which, if he had brought it up today, who knows what would have happened to him. Let’s remember what his condition was: “Are we not going to expose corruption? Bilal (Erdogan’s son) is involved. Let them give us Bilal and take the government.” The AKP is a very experience­d party in wasting its political allies. Let’s see what will they do with the ‘crescent’ after they are done with it.

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