Free and fair elections?


As the Alliance Law passes, the opposition turns to concerns over electoral security

The 26-point alliance law, prepared mutually by the AK Party and the MHP, was passed by the parliament in a single night. Thus, the so-called ‘presidenti­al alliance’ is now law. From now on, possible alliance scenarios will be at the top of the political agenda while the opposition will also address aspects of the law that they feel infringe on electoral security. The CHP has already met with 8 different parties in that context and published a report in which the objections of the parties were broken down into 11 items. In addition, the party put forward 7 different proposals, including legislativ­e amendments on other issues. The alliance law, however, was passed without taking the 11-item request of the opposition parties into considerat­ion. With its passage, those items appear to be off the agenda though the 7-point mutual demands will remain.

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