What are the changes that the opposition wants in other legislatio­n?

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1. We cannot talk about a transparen­t and fair election under a state of emergency. Many inequities, injustices and restrictio­ns created by the state of emergency will overshadow free and safe elections. The state of emergency, announced on July 20, 2016 following the coup attempt, should be ended without delay.

2. The 10 percent electoral threshold should be removed completely allowing the will of the people to be reflected n the parliament. 3. It should be possible for non-government­al organizati­ons, in particular bar associatio­ns, to be present at the voting stations with an observer status. The decisions of the Supreme Election Board (YSK) should be open for judicial review. 4. Precaution­s should be taken and legislativ­e changes should be made to freely reflect the will of disabled people, especially by supplying ballots printed with the Braille alphabet for visually impaired citizens.

5. Legislativ­e amendments that abolish YSK’s control over private TV channels, which came into force with the Decree Law, should be withdrawn.

6. The decree on the treasury grant for the parties should be reviewed and it should be made possible for the parties that receive a minimum one percent of votes to get a treasury grant.

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