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pres dent al elect on. A data analyt cs f rm explo ted a loophole n Facebook’s API to obta n the personal nformat on of 50 m ll on Facebook users n order to target them w th personal zed pol t cal ads. The company, Cambr dge Analyt ca, was work ng closely w th the Trump campa gn and s also sa d to have played a role n the pro-Brex t campa gn ahead of the Un ted K ngdom’s EU referendum n 2016. “We explo ted Facebook to harvest m ll ons of people’s prof les. And bu lt models to explo t what we knew about them and target the r nner demons”, Chr stopher Wyl e, a former Cambr dge Analyt ca employee turned wh stleblower, told the Observer. It s not the f rst t me that Facebook has unw ll ngly, but rather na vely, enabled m suse of ts platform. Facebook s currently fac ng mass ve cr t c sm for ts handl ng of the Cambr dge Analyt ca affa r, ts stock pr ce s tumbl ng and the hashtag #DeleteFace­book s trend ng on Tw tter. Even before the most recent scandal, many people had started quest on ng whether the world’s largest soc al network m ght have gotten out of control. In a poll conducted n December by CB Ins ghts, 59 percent of respondent­s sa d that they expect Facebook to be cons dered a net negat ve for soc ety n ten years’ t me.

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