U.N. calls for Turkey to end state of emergency, halt violations

Dünya Executive - - OVERVIEW -

The Un ted Nat ons called on Turkey last week to end ts 20-month old state of emergency and accused Ankara of mass arrests, arb trary sack ngs and other abuses that n some cases amounted to “collect ve pun shment.” Turkey’s fore gn m n stry sa d the report was f lled w th unfounded allegat ons and compared the cr t c sm w th propaganda announceme­nts from m l tant groups. The U.N. human r ghts off ce sa d Turkey had arrested 160,000 people and d sm ssed nearly the same number of cvl servants s nce a fa led coup n July 2016. The crackdown was hav ng a “ch ll ng effect” on Turk sh soc ety by show ng that any d ssent w ll be pun shed, the U.N. added.

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