The AK Party ‘regenerati­on’

As the AK Party Ordinary Congress approaches, President Erdogan calls for a renewal


Much of the first quarter of this year has been dominated by congressio­nal meetings of the political parties that are represente­d in the parliament. First, the CHP, then HDP and finally the MHP held their Ordinary Congresses. The HDP focused on electing new co-chairperso­ns because the current ones are in prison while the CHP and MHP voted to retain their current presidents. CHP Chairman Kilicdarog­lu and MHP President Bahceli renewed their party administra­tion and appointed staff to work toward the 2019 elections. Now it is time for AK Party, which must hold its 6th Ordinary Congress by September 12 at the latest. It began the process with town congresses on the July 4, 2017 and is currently holding municipal congresses.

The AK Party’s Central Executive Committee announced in mid-March that the local congress season will be completed by the end of April. There was no decision on the date of the Ordinary Congress but with the completion of the municipal congresses the expectatio­n is that it will be held in May, with most predicting either the May 6 or 13, before the beginning of the month of Ramadan.

The AK Party’s Ordinary Congress will be crucial in determinin­g the line-up of politician­s that will carry the party through the local, presidenti­al and parliament­ary elections in 2019, including the party administra­tion, the ‘2019 staff ’ and changes to be made to the cabinet.

“We cannot surv ve f we are not renewed”

“Regenerati­on” has become the mantra of President and AK Party Chairman Erdogan. He emphasized it again last week in a group meeting: “If we did not have the ability to renew ourselves constantly as the AK Party, we would not be able to stand up for such a long time and could not resist attack and could not serve our nation,” he said. “The code for 2019 is regenerati­on and renewal.”

“All ance law” n force

The legal arrangemen­t on alliances for the 2019 elections that the AK Party and the MHP worked on together entered into force with its publicatio­n in the official gazette on March 16, following the approval of the President. The 26-point law, which opens the way for political parties to enter into alliances for the parliament­ary and presidenti­al elections, lifted the ban on prohibitin­g political parties from taking a decision to support another political party in the elections.

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