Dogan Group’s destructio­n, the end of the mainstream media


The spokespers­ons of the ruling party used to code the Dogan Group as “the civilian leg of February 28” and threaten it. So the ‘triggermen’ of the ruling power initiated the “punishment of the civilian foot” one week before the anniversar­y of February 28. They started to write about it in succession and it was the most desperate campaign in recent years. There must have been a specific reason for this ambition. When I learned that Demiroren, a pro-government group, was acquiring the Doğan Group for really a low price, this rush of threats came to my mind. Who can argue that the threat of imprisonme­nt has not been used as a “bargaining element” to force the Dogan Group to immediatel­y surrender? The desperate Dogan Group had already been helpless against the ruling power.

As a result, just like the Putin model that the ruling power envies, the entire media industry in Turkey has been gathered in one hand. The destructio­n of the mainstream media has been completed with the Dogan Group coming directly under the control of the ruling party on March 21, 2018.

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