Assad: I would hug Erdoğan


Unofficial contacts between Turkey and Syria after the Turkish Armed Forces took control of Afrin and just before the National Security Council’s meeting have recently begun again. Meanwhile, two weeks ago, Syrian President Assad said some important things at a special meeting with his inner circle for initiating negotiations with Turkey at an official level. I think these developments were managed down to every detail at the National Security meeting. I received very important news while I was talking with retired Lieutenant General Ismail Pekin, who was closely following the developments in Syria as the ex-President for General Staff Intelligence. “Assad gathered his men together two weeks ago. They asked whether he would come together with Turkey to negotiate again. ‘If it is for Syria’s interest, I would even hug Erdogan,’ Assad said.” The palace advisors will lose their jobs if the National Security Council memorandum is not worth the paper it is written on. In the meantime, the delegation visits planned for Syria at the end of last year were canceled because of some of Erdogan’s outbursts and cabinet reshuffles in Syria. There is an expectation in Ankara that there might be such visits in April.

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