‘German automot ve ndustry w ll stop f Bosh Turkey stops product on’

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Bosh Turkey s one of 7,100 German compan es operat ng n Turkey, wh ch prov des 17,000 jobs w th an annual 3.7 b ll on euro turnover. 90 percent of Bosh Turkey’s product on s exported. Its exports alone account for 1.5 percent of Turkey’s total exports. If Bosch Turkey stops product on for a week, the German automot ve ndustry comes to a halt. In Germany, there are 90,000 thousand bus nesses of var ous s ze w th Turk sh cap tal, w th an annual turnover of 50 b ll on euros. Th s s a very rare success story between these two countr es. So t s w th other EU countr es. The Netherland­s, for example, br ngs n the most fore gn cap tal to Turkey.

Half of Turkey’s fore gn trade s w th the EU. The occas onal talk about a p vot to Russ a, Ch na and others s pure fantasy. Turkey’s economy s ntegrated w th the EU economy. It s not r ght to look for another remedy or another w ndow. There s no other reasonable alternat ve for Turkey outs de the Euro-Atlant c Reg on.

Desp te a d ff cult year, we ncreased our trade volume to 37.7 b ll on euros. As a result of the deprec at on of the Turk sh l ra aga nst the euro, there was also a clear ncrease n goods exported to Germany from Turkey.

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