Small but consistent: 3M’s investment strategy

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With its dizzying array of products, 3M has become an integral part of Turkish life. Its plans in the country reflect the wide variety of its activities, including health, safety of highways, office products, and films for LCDs, to name only a few. Turkey General Manager, Mert Buyukyazga­n, says the company’s investment agenda is driven by the fact that it is deeply involved in virtually every sector of the Turkish economy. “The company’s plans for Turkey are for the long-term,” he notes. “We operate in 26 independen­t business lines in 5 business groups. Therefore, it is not possible to make a single large investment. We will invest in small amounts and frequently. At the moment we are developing the product range of our components in the auto repair group.”

Buyukyazga­n spoke about 3M’s goals at a press conference attended by 3M Industrial Business Group R&D World Vice President Denise Rutherford and 3M Turkey R&D Director Ali Kuday. “We serve as a production base in the region in products aimed at automotive and diapers as well as Scotch Brite,” Buyukyazga­n said, noting that 3M’s investment­s have focused on the science potential in Turkey. “We have received three patents in diapers at the Turkey R&D Center. No matter where you are in the world, you can be up to three meters away from a 3M product. We have two factories in Cerkezkoy and Corlu, employing 500 people. We are exporting to 25 countries from Turkey.”

Improving the perception of science is a key part of 3M’s vision, after results from a study conducted in 14 countries revealed that science is not yet sufficient­ly appreciate­d. “Almost half of the participan­ts approach science with suspicion,” Rutherford said. “We hope to make science more appreciate­d around the world.”

Ali Kuday said that 8,100 engineers work globally in R&D in 3M.

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