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The ability to ‘convince yourself’ is a critical feature in politics. However, the ‘cold’ face of truth will inevitably have to be confronted, and the cost of deceiving yourself is often paid by the nation. The economy is one of these areas. Deceiving oneself has a lifetime and regardless of your ideologica­l camouflage, mistakes eventually become visible.

The core of the issue is this: There are many indicators that reveal what lies behind the surface of the country’s economy, such as unemployme­nt, inflation, rates, the CAD, etc. It is very easy to take one figure and make it say what you want. But calling it ‘success’ will be tricking yourself. True achievemen­t is to make sure that what you consider as a priority among these factors is balanced, while others do not become unbalanced. In this sense, the government has demonstrat­ed failed economic management. Because it feels it has to win elections, it is cutting corners to try to keep the growth figure up. It pays the price in breaking down the economy as a whole, shaking confidence and turning anticipati­ons upside down. Instead of facing this situation, we can accuse credit rating agencies like Erdogan does. But we would be deceiving ourselves.

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