Economy on agenda, no early election

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Erdogan is aware that the way to win the 2019 elections is to grow the economy. That’s why he declared 2018 the year of growth and performanc­e in the economy. So currently the agenda is the economy for both the government and the the governing bodies of the AK Party. I can only say that there is a comprehens­ive study being done on the economy, but they won’t be content with that and the regulation­s directed at the needs of the economy will be continuous. “The debate on early elections is having a negative influence on the economy,” President Erdogan has said. “It is necessary to put an end to these rumors. Definitely there won’t be early elections. Local elections will be held in March, presidenti­al and parliament­ary elections in November [2019].” The President has opposed early election demands in the past for other reasons, both based on principals and politics. This time he is opposed for economic reasons. He thinks that keeping early elections on the agenda will negatively affect the investment climate. Erdogan is right, because the driver of the economy is trust and morale. This is what lies behind his reaction to ministers who draw a negative picture about the economy. “Do people shoot themselves in the foot?” he asks. Put simply: Erdogan has his hand on the economy.

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