Waiting for Godot

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Turkey has been producing a dizzying agenda for a long time. For example, there has been an “interest rate” debate going on between Erdogan and “some people» for almost five years. Again, over that time the currency is doubling. Record growth is being revealed as a serious structural deterioration. But the economy is “managed” in a way. The situation in foreign policy is no different. Yet nearly for five years, despite correct assessments that Turkey insists on an unsustainable foreign policy and that it is drifting into serious crisis, the perception is that it can “manage the situation” and is even able to produce advantages. The ground on which the President accuses the economy minister of “making unforgivable mistakes” by working with the Central Bank is not really “sustainable”. But it will continue. Despite a high current account deficit and inflation, election incentives will be put into effect. The “push” will continue despite the dangerous tension with the western world, which we are largely dependent on militarily and economically. Polarization and provocation will continue “out of spite.” And unless this crisis of potentials is reflected in the political agenda, there will be no solution to the problems we face. Or when that “outcome” emerges, when the crisis explodes, there is not much left to argue anymore.

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