Chemical weapons are not the issue

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Could the war in Syria be transforme­d into a regional, or even global, war? Yes, it may happen if the leaders of the great powers have gone crazy. That is also possible. Still, my opinion is that Western powers are serious about the Russian threat. Now, the issue that created the possibilit­y of a conflict between the great powers is not the alleged chemical weapons attack organized in Douma of Eastern Ghouta. Unfortunat­ely, chemical weapons use in Syria is politicize­d and has become an issue of geopolitic­al considerat­ions. The main concern of the US and its allies is to snub Russia, Iran and the Damascus regime under their jurisdicti­on. Their main concern is to prevent the war in Syria from being finally won by the Russian and Iran-backed regime. If they cannot do so, then they will make it last longer to maximize the cost of this war for Russia and Iran, which are already struggling with economic problems. One of the factors that destroyed the Soviets was the war in Afghanista­n. “Could Syria be the Afghanista­n of Putin’s Russia?” The choice of the U.S. in this dilemma will determine the future of Turkey’s “policy” of playing a double game with the U.S. and Russia in Syria that it has managed so far, and the future of the alliance with Russia.

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