Ukraine invites Turkish investors for buyouts

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Ukra ne’s economy m n ster has nv ted

Turk sh nvestors to take part n pr vat zat on process nhs country. “We want Turk sh bus nesspeople to benef t from pr vat zat on process and nv te them to jo n tenders,” Stepan Kub v, Ukra ne’s f rst deputy pr me m n ster and m n ster of econom c development and trade, sa d n an nterv ew w th Anadolu Agency. Accord ng to TurkStat, Turkey’s off c al stat st cal author ty, the fore gn trade volume between Turkey and Ukra ne surged 9.4 percent year-onyear n 2017. H ghl ght ng that works to f nal ze b lateral Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between the two countr es cont nue, Kub v sa d the agreement can be s gned n next s x months. “We work on jo nt projects n the f eld of agr culture, energy and defense. The partnersh p n grow ng wheat and process ng meat are also on our agenda. All those developments are accelerat ng the s gn ng process,” Kub v sa d.

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