T mel ne of events n the trade war

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►March 1: Speak ng at the Wh te House, Trump says he has dec ded on tar ffs of 25 percent for fore gnmade steel and 10 percent for al m num, mak ng no except ons for close all es such as Canada, Br ta n or Germany. Ch na n t ally reacts w th caut ous cr t c sm.

►March 8: Trump offers temporary tar ff exempt ons for Canada and Mex co

►M d-March: U.S. res stance to the tar ffs plan s on the r se

►March 20: Ch na vows to open ts markets further n response to Trump’s tar ff threats. As

Trump prepares to mpose $60 b ll on n tar ffs aga nst Ch nese products, Ch na warns of severe repercuss ons.

►March 22: The E.U., Braz l, South Korea and others get temporary exempt ons from Trump’s steel tar ffs ►March 22: Ch na ssues a statement n wh ch t warns Trump that t won’t back down: “Ch na would f ght to the end to defend ts own leg t mate nterests w th all necessary measures.”

►Apr l 1: Ch na says t w ll mpose tar ffs on 128 U.S. exports

►Apr l 3: The Trump adm n strat on targets $50 b ll on n Ch nese goods w th tar ffs

►Apr l 4: Ch na targets 106 more U.S. products; Trump rema ns def ant

►Apr l 5: Trump seeks add t onal tar ffs on $100 b ll on of Ch nese goods

►Apr l 6: Ch na threatens to h t back. As the confrontat on escalates, bus ness assoc at ons n the Un ted States and around the world once aga n urge both s des to back down.

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