Anadolu adds tractor to its ‘local’ portfolio


Anadolu Group will add to its growing presence in domestic automobile production with an initial investment of 10 million euro in a new line of tractors. Anadolu Landini, established in 2017 after a 50 percent partnership deal between Anadolu Motor and Italian Argo Tractors, has started producing local tractors in its Kocaeli Sekerpinar facilities. Initial production will use 42 percent locally-produced components but is expected to reach 100 percent by 2020 after the investment reaches its 40 million euro total.

Speaking at a launch ceremony last week, Anadolu Group Chairman, Tuncay Ozilhan, said that the company will add to its domestic diesel engine production with the new tractors, providing quality products for Turkish farmers. “We aim to increase local production to 85 percent by the end of 2019 and 100 percent in some models by 2020,” he noted.

Turkey: base for 4 models

Argo Tractors S.p.A. Chairman Valerio Morra underlined that Turkey ranks second after Italy for its production-based investments. “The Landini Globe series, composed of 4 models that have 3 cylinders between 50-75 horsepower, will only be produced in Anatolia Landini’s Sekerpinar facilities,” he said. “I believe the model, which was custom designed for Turkey’s soil conditions, will also get high demand in global markets.”

Anadolu Grubu Automotive Group President, Bora Kocak, said that last year his company broke a record with the production of 72,032 tractors. “We want to grow even more in agriculture, which is among our strategic priorities,” he said. “We aim to further develop our cooperation with Argo Tractors to achieve our domestic transmission production goals. In addition, Anadolu Landini will start selling McCormick brand tractors from Argo Tractors’ portfolio in Turkey.”

Qual ty w th affordable pr ces

Anadolu Landini General Manager, Hayati Kosoglu, said that the Globe series tractors will provide farmers with high performance and high quality tractors at more affordable prices. Approximately 40 percent of the tractors the company aims to sell this year will be the Globe series. “We also plan to start work on localizing the Rex, Powerfarm and 5H models from other Landini series in our portfolio by the end of this year,” he noted.

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