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Industry, showed that 55 percent of Turk sh manufactur­ers surveyed by IHS Mark t expected a r se n product on volumes for the year ahead. "At 45.4 percent n March, the result ng net balance s gnals w despread conf dence regard ng output prospects n the next 12 months among goods-producers," the report sa d.

Industr al sts also expected the r prof ts to ncrease but were concerned about h gher costs of mported raw mater als. "Turk sh manufactur­ers are generally upbeat about access to f nance (net balance 21.0 percent), although respondent­s note concerns about the cost of f nance," the report noted.

T m Moore, assoc ate d rector at IHS Mark t, sa d that h gher export sales and r s ng domest c consumer spend ng are expected to dr ve output growth. "Cost pressures look set to prove a key challenge, but t s encourag ng to see th s has not prevented plans to ncrease bus ness nvestment and staff h r ng n the com ng 12 months," he sa d. "More than half of Turk sh manufactur­ers plan to boost the r product on schedules through the year ahead, wh le only one n ten ant c pate a decl ne.”

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