What‘s behind the early election decision?


For months, President Erdogan insisted the elections would be held on time. He glossed over the issue whenever early elections were brought to the agenda such that, even after Bahceli’s statement, in his speech at the the AK Party group meeting he emphasized the date in 2019 two times. Bahceli had also announced that the elections would be held on time at the MHP group meeting on April 3. I have to admit, I wrote that there would be no early election based on these statements. So why the early election now? President Erdogan chose the alliance with the MHP to protect himself. According to Bahceli, plans to harm the alliance had started. So, for me, the number one reason for Erdogan and Bahceli to take the country to early elections after a half hour meeting is the ‘protection of the alliance’. A new situation has arisen with the early election. It is necessary to focus on the results, not on the date of the elections for which the opposition has been caught unprepared.

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