The‚ smash-andgrab‘ election!

Dünya Executive - - POLITICS - AHMET TAKAN

There is no need to beat around the bush! No matter how far they go in denying it, it is obvious that it is a sham fight. Did they really decide for an “early election” to be held on June 24 in half an hour? The smash-and-grab move of the ruling party and its junior partner is designed to add extra time to their power more than finding solutions for Turkey‘s problems. The June 24 smash-and-grab election decision was not the product of a proposal from AKP-MHP at the parliament but a decision made by the President at the palace. R. Erdogan has used one of the constituti­onal provisions that is not yet in force, authority that the current constituti­on does not give. The compliance laws have not yet come out. The conditions of the candidacy period for the presidency are absent. It is obvious that with this move they are trying to confront both Abdullah Gul, who is mentioned for his presidenti­al candidacy, and the GOOD Party leader Meral Aksener, who announced her candidacy months ago. According to informatio­n leaked from the palace, we will hear about election investment­s like the Qandil operation and economic incentives in the coming days. So, it will an election campaign that will bring nationalis­t sentiments to the forefront.

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