Economic confidence down in April

Dünya Executive - - OVERVIEW -

Econom c conf dence n Turkey sl pped month-on-month n Apr l, fall ng two percent, the Turk sh Stat st cal Inst tute (TurkStat) sa d on Apr l 27. Accord ng to a TurkStat statement, the econom c conf dence ndex dropped to 98.3, down from 100.2 n March. The decrease stemmed from drops n the real sector, serv ces, reta l trade, and construct on conf dence nd ces. The four nd ces decl ned n the month to 106.8, 97.1, 100.3 and 78.8, respect vely. Meanwh le, the consumer conf dence ndex was up 0.8 percent to 71.9 n Apr l. In August 2017, Turkey’s econom c conf dence rose to ts h ghest level - 106.4 - n more than f ve years, help ng the Turk sh l ra strengthen aga nst the dollar.

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