World Bank expects double digit inflation for Turkey in 2018

Dünya Executive - - OVERVIEW -

Turkey’s economy w ll grow 4.7 percent n 2018 and 4.4 percent n 2019, accord ng to the World Bank. The country’s nflat on s expected to reach 10.4 percent by the end of th s year, slow down to 9.0 percent n 2019 and drop aga n to 8.2 percent n 2020, accord ng to the Bank’s latest forecast. Turkey’s current account def c t s projected to be -5.7 percent th s year, -5.6 percent n 2019, and -5.5 percent n 2020. “Turkey’s strong recovery n 2017 (7.4 percent GDP growth) came at a cost of w den ng macroecono­m c mbalances,” the report sa d. “Growth n 2018, however, s projected to moderate closer to potent al, around 4.7 percent. Poverty s forecast to decrease, although at a slower pace than prev ous years.”

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