BY $3.8 BILLION IN 2018

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slowed down n February and March, exclud ng the par ty effect wh le the goverment and nst tut ons close to the government report that exports break records each month.

In the n ne-month per od s nce July 2017, when the par ty effect n favor of the euro began to be reflected n exports, the contr but on totaled $6.35 b ll on.

Except for a few months n 2016, the par ty effect, espec ally between the last quarter of 2014 and the f rst half of 2017 had an adverse effect on dollar-denom nated exports.

It also affects the share of the EU n trade

The euro/dollar par ty, wh ch cl mbed up to 1.45 n 2011, fell to 1.05 by the end of 2016, follow ng a downward fluctuat ng course. The per ods n wh ch par ty was aga nst the euro brought down Turkey’s exports expressed n dollar terms on the one hand wh le, on the other, drew down Turkey’s total exports to the EU. The recent r se n the euro/dollar par ty l fted the EU’s share n Turkey’s exports to more than 50 percent.

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