Former mayor of New York hired as Turkish steel lobbyist

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The U.S. mported a total of 34.6 m ll on tonnes of steel last year, the world’s largest buyer, accord ng to U.S. Trade Secretary data. The b ggest exporter was Canada w th 5.8 m ll on tonnes and a two-d g t growth rate. It has a 17 percent share n the mports, wh le Braz l has 14 percent, followed by South Korea w th 10 percent, Mex co w th 9 percent, Russ a w th 8 percent and Turkey w th 6 percent. Turkey sells $1.2 b ll on worth of steel and s the s xth b ggest exporter to the U.S.

The U.S., however, changed the balances and mposed an add t onal 25 percent customs tax to ron and steel and 10 percent to alum num wh le exclud ng some countr es from the tar ffs. The European Un on, South Korea, Braz l, Mex co and Canada weren’t ncluded n the tax scheme. Turkey, Ind a and Ch na are countr es that w ll be affected by th s dec s on. Turkey held several talks between the two countr es that ncluded negot at ons by Economy M n ster N hat Zeybekc both w th the U.S. adm n strat on and the World Trade Organ saz on. Zeybekc was accompan ed by ndustry players l ke Borusan, one of the lead ng compan es n the sector. Borusan launched an n t at ve to lead a Turk sh steel lobby n the U.S. The company h red former New York Governor George Patak as lead of the lobby, accord ng to Ker m Ulker of Da ly Dunya.

The Patak Cha ll Group w ll be work ng for Borusan Mannesman to lobby for Turk sh steel. Patak worked as the governor of New York between 1994 and 2006. He was the th rd Republ can governor of New York and was on duty dur ng the September 11 nc dent. He also ran as a cand date n the race for the pres dency for the Republ can Party n 2015 but stepped back dur ng the course of the campa gn. It was Donald Trump who won the race and went on to w n the pres dency. Pattak was the person who organ zed the 6th October Declarat on that sa d Turks had conducted a holocaust aga nst Greeks and that Turks had put Izm r on f re. The declarat on also prom sed that every October 6 would a memor al day for the massacre aga nst the Greek m nor ty.

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