The ‘center’ of the world is collapsing. But Turkey is rising. Why?

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There is a huge invasion project to bring down “the center of Islam”. The second phase of the collapse that started with the disintegra­tion of the Ottoman Empire began after 1990. Since that date, all attacks targeting Turkey and the entire Muslim world have been done for this purpose. It’s remarkable that Turkey shines out as a new force, as a historical turning point, while relations between Saudi Arabia and the West are reaching a new stage. All of these projects, agreements and alliances are done for cracking down on the center of Islam. The reason why Turkey is exposed to attacks from both inside and outside is that it is on this historical rise. There is a project called “Beat Erdogan and stop Turkey.” The June 24 elections are the time for such a choice for this country. In this great historical turn, everybody has to carry that heavy responsibi­lity, to think big, to act on the scale of geography.

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