The AKP is now “Old Turkey”

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MAY 11


The climate of polarizati­on and harsh political language that Turkey entered into in recent years created significan­t advantages for the ruling party. As we enter into the electoral process, it has become more and more likely that this approach will not produce the usual results for the government. The weak presentati­on of his manifesto and promises that sound more like confession­s of failure, the “TAMAM” slogan that was a gift to the opposition, these political communicat­ion scandals are the result of the inability to adapt to the new atmosphere and paradigm shifts. The signs of normalizat­ion are there with the “national alliance” establishe­d on the opposition front. The rhetoric and relationsh­ips that would have been impossible only a few months ago is now easier to accept. The public, tired of polarizati­on, tension and anomalies, demand a change in the political climate from bottom to top. In the early years of the AKP government, there was a concept that was widely disseminat­ed: Old Turkey. The AKP described itself as the New Turkey and designated the opposition as the old Turkey. The election atmosphere indicates that the AKP era is becoming the “Old Turkey” and people now expect the emergence of another “New Turkey”.

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