Kayi Medikal to start medical services in Kenya


Listed among the world’s 250 largest internatio­nal contractor­s for the last 11 years, Kayi Holding has also branched out into the health services field. The group began providing clinical services in Kenya as well as 49 hospitals in Turkey after offering medical packaging services as an equipment and service provider when it acquired a radiology imaging firm in 2014. “We will have new centers in Senegal, Ivory Coast, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Bosnia and Herzegovin­a, Romania and Serbia in the future,” Kaya Medical CEO, Alpaslan Korkmaz, said.

The company has successful­ly managed to become one of the world’s three largest companies in medical packaging, Korkmaz added, and has added clinical services to this. The company has over 3 million diagnosis and over 80,000 radiothera­py sessions with over 100 devices in its 49 hospitals as of 2017. The important new developmen­t is that the company is becoming an internatio­nal company in this field. The first steps were taken and it has already started to provide clinical services in Kenya.

“We have radiology centers at two hospitals - Consolata Hospital Mathari and Avenue Hospital Parklands in Nairobi and Nyeri,” Korkmaz noted. “An additional radiothera­py center will launch soon. We have radiology centers in Tanzania and Uganda as well. In the upcoming period, we will open new centers in Senegal and Ivory Coast in Africa, Kazakhstan in Central Asia, Vietnam in Southeast Asia and Bosnia-Herzegovin­a, Romania and Serbia in the Balkans. After 4 years, we will have 40 to 50 operations in 20 countries. We will also soon invest in an internatio­nal brand that we will anonnuce shortly.”

Developed a EPC-F concept

The constructi­on of new hospitals, in addition to the more than 10 Kayi Holding has already built, will also continue. The company establishe­d Kayi Medikal in 2011 and entered the medical devices business as well as the architectu­ral design of hospitals. Subsequent­ly, it started to provide clinical services such as radiology, radiothera­py, sterilizat­ion, physical therapy rehabilita­tion, nuclear medicine and laboratory services. Kayi Medikal has recently added financing to its service package. Thus, it has developed an EPC-F concept (Engineerin­g, Procuremen­t, Constructi­on – Finance.) This is an important developmen­t that will pave the way for Kayi in African countries, which face financing problems.

Meanwhile, Kayi istesting its EPC-Fi model with a PPP Project at the Gaziantep city hospital in Turkey. To be opened in 2020, the Gaizantep Integrated Health Campus will be the 4th largest medical campus in the country. “The Gaziantep job is large in terms of constructi­on, management and investment costs,” Korkmaz said. “We have an equal partnershi­p with Samsung and the Italian company Salini Impregilo in this. We have provided 100 percent of the $1 billion financing from abroad.”

Focus ng on four sectors

Founded by businessma­n Coskun Yilmaz in 1991, Kayi Holding has operations in 30 countries in contractin­g, energy, real estate developmen­t, investment and healthcare. Kayi Insaat has completed more than 500 projects in dozens of countries. The group has more than 100 geothermal exploratio­n licenses and four HEPP investment­s in the energy sector. Now they are interested in biomass investment­s. The turnkey constructi­on of the bitumen filling plant in Iraq continues. Kayi Real Estate Developmen­t & Investment has invested and developed residentia­l spaces, office complexes, hotels in social and cultural areas in Russia, Algeria and UAE. It undertook the constructi­on and developmen­t of Sofitel, Novotel and IBIS hotels of the Accor Group in Algeria and Russia. Having sold the 6 hotels it made in Russia, the company is currently operating two hotels in Siberia. “We are building city hotels and we will continue our interest in these projects in the countries we are in,” Kormaz said. “We are investing in mixed commercial real estate projects in Algeria. We are not planning a housing project. In recent years we have chosen the health sector as a new investment area. We want to raise its share to 50 percent of our business.”

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