Vehicle production down 7 percent y/y in April

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Turk sh government tr es to address a recent sharp decl ne n house sales n the run-up to elect ons on June 24. Turkey’s auto product on edged down by 7 percent y/y to 138,504 un ts n Apr l, follow ng growth of one percent y/y n March and two percent y/y n February, data from the Turk sh Automot ve Manufactur­ers’ Assoc at on (OSD) showed on May 14. Across January-Apr l, total veh cle product on sl ghtly decl ned by two percent y/y to 563,695 un ts wh le passenger car product on fell 7 percent y/y to 375,957 un ts. Total veh cle sales on the domest c market edged down by 0.4 percent y/y to 236,804 n January-Apr l wh le export revenues rose by 20 percent y/y to $11.3 b ll on desp te a two percent y/y decl ne to 461,495 un ts n sales abroad. to 9.48 percent n March, the lowest level recorded s nce March 2011, data from the Central Bank showed on May 17. The posted growth fell below annual CPI nflat on last September and subsequent­ly stayed lower than the nflat on nd cator for the follow ng seven months. Turkey’s annual consumer pr ce nflat on rose to 10.85 percent n Apr l, the h ghest level recorded th s year, from 10.23 percent n March.

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