British firm decides to downsize

Dünya Executive - - OVERVIEW -

Apt v Automot ve, wh ch has been operat ng n the Aegean Free Zone s nce 1989, has la d off 700 of 2,000 workers. The Br t sh automot ve equ pment producer, formerly Delph , cited

econom c and pol t cal uncerta nty n Turkey under the state of emergency for ts dec s on and sa d t has dec ded to sh ft some of ts product on n Izm r to ts fac l t es n Morocco and Poland. There are 100 eng neers work ng n Apt v Automot ve’s R&D and product developmen­t un ts n Izm r, the r f fth techn cal center n Europe. Electron c automot ve systems produced at the fac l ty are exported ma nly to Europe, As a and the M ddle East.

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