The backstage scenarios of the election

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Erdogan’s trip to Britain has been interprete­d in many ways, as well as the article that appeared in The Times, which could be interprete­d as “[Western countries believe] it is smarter to stick with [the AKP] government.” Forming a new alliance [after the June 24 election] is on the agenda for the current government as well. It is rumored that the AKP has prepared alternativ­es according to the election results to deal with open threats. It is said that there are many options on the table, from changing partners to making revisions to the current set up. In fact, there are various scenarios being discussed such as the election actually is not important and the infrastruc­ture of the new regime has already been establishe­d, that there are surprise preparatio­ns for the election results, or that even the election could be cancelled with any excuse. Every word that is said, every step taken, is used as evidence of these scenarios and hidden agendas. Are the claims about unexpected election results and the forces that make it come about realistic? Considerab­le research and analysis does not point to any radical shifts in the making between the voting blocks. Opposition parties have voiced the claim that a shift at the grassroots, which is often invisible, has risen. The GOOD Party and SP spokespers­ons claim that they will receive votes from the AK Party base. Both the government and the opposition claim that voters are getting ready to revolt and they treat June 24 as a milestone. While some of the allegation­s are supported by exaggerate­d and suspicious surveys, the oft-repeated argument is that the results are uncertain. Everyone is playing at obscurity.

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