We must be prepared for any kind of operations until June 24

Dünya Executive - - POLITICS - MEHMET BARLAS


You have to be prepared for hits below the belt not only targeting your economy but security and unity as well if you mess around with the U.S. and Israel’s flouting of internatio­nal law. Should anyone be surprised about the record-breaking rise of the dollar after considerin­g that both the PKK and FETO are American projects, and after the Gezi protests and July 15 coup attempt? We should be grateful somehow that these operations have only hit the Turkish lira. Haven’t we embraced this after considerin­g the pilots who downed the Russian plane and the F16 pilots of the July 15 coup attempt were FETO members? Or have we forgotten that the interest rate was around 4 percent before the

Gezi protests? If we take all these facts into considerat­ion, there is no point in beüing obsessed with interest rates because the interest rate is a tool that is used against the extraordin­ary exchange rate fluctuatio­ns that we have seen recently as well as inflation.

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