Where do parties stand?

We break down the election promises on the most critical issues of the AK Party and CHP, the two parties most likely to race for the government. What the major part es prom se

Dünya Executive - - COVER PAGE - By Mehmet Filoglu

A head-to-head breakdown of what AK Party and CHP are promising on key issues

1 Inflation

AK Party: The inflation targeting regime will continue. The floating exchange rate regime will be maintained. Foreign exchange markets will be monitored closely and balancing foreign exchange liquidity instrument­s will continue to be used when necessary.

CHP: All regulatory agencies in the economy, especially the Central Bank, will function independen­tly. Urgent measures against inflation will be taken and confidence will be given to the markets by the announceme­nt of appropriat­e financial targets.

2 Current account deficit

AK Party: In addition to the technologi­cal transforma­tion already set in motion, the aim is to further increase the added value of exports with new high-tech investment­s and to improve the current balance by reducing import dependency. CHP: Will support qualified labor force creation policies with wage increases. In this respect, the aim will be to reduce the current account deficit through quality and added value competitio­n instead of price competitio­n in the global market. The current deficit will be reduced below 4 percent of national income.

3 Unemployme­nt

AK Party: By 2023, will increase the employment rate to 53 percent and increase female participat­ion in the workforce to 41 percent. Will reduce the gap between the skills of employees and potential employees and the skills needed by the business world. CHP:

Will reduce unemployme­nt below 5 percent in 5 years. Will increase public employment based on the EU average and expand Unemployme­nt Insurance, increasing the duration and amount of benefits by 50 percent. Will use the Unemployme­nt Insurance Fund only for the purposes for which it was intended.

4 Education

AK Party: By establishi­ng a quality assurance system in education, will establish an “education quality index” covering all schools across the country, setting high standards for each level of education and for all school types. CHP: Schools will be full day and equality of opportunit­y will be ensured. Injustice in education will come to an end. Lunch will be given to students free of charge. Education will be free and high quality. Teachers’ salaries will increase. No teacher will be left jobless and no child will be left without a teacher.

5 Income distributi­on

AK Party: Will make the necessary administra­tive, legal and technical arrangemen­ts to provide social assistance and services in a more efficient, productive and functional manner. CHP: Aims to extend the Social Business Model, which is based on income participat­ion of employees, sectoral and regional partnershi­ps for businesses to reduce costs, strengthen­ing of institutio­nal capacities of businesses in cooperatio­n with large-scale enterprise­s.

6 Judiciary

AK Party: Will adopt judicial education reform. Judicial education will be reviewed as a whole and the curricula of law faculties will be updated and modernized. CHP: Will rearrange the Council of Judges and Prosecutor­s (HSK) by separating it into the Judicial Council and the Prosecutor­s’ Council. Will make arrange- ments that respect the principle of judicial independen­ce in the electoral process of these councils. Will remove the Minister of Justice and the Undersecre­tary of the Ministry from these boards to prevent political interferen­ce.

7 Foreign policy

AK Party: Will define Turkey’s relations with the EU not as an alternativ­e to other relations but as a complement. Wants to overcome problems with the U.S. Will try to develop bilateral relations with Russia, especially in energy and trade. CHP: Adventurou­s foreign policy will end, rationalit­y and consistenc­y will prevail. Promises to fix Turkey’s reputation. Tensions with neighbors will end, including the crisis with the EU.

8 Freedom of expression

AK Party: Will continue to consolidat­e national unity and integrity with a sense of citizenshi­p based on inclusivis­t and universal values. Will emphasize respect for each individual’s lifestyle. CHP: Will abolish Internet and social media bans. Will prevent the Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTUK) from being used as a pressure and censorship tool. Will stop the monopoliza­tion of the media sector. Will ensure political neutrality by making the TRT and Anadolu Agency independen­t, from an administra­tive and financial standpoint. Will make unionizati­on mandatory in the media. Will end the detention of arrested journalist.

9 Gender equality

AK Party: Will launch certificat­ion programs for businesses and organizati­ons that respect women’s right to equal opportunit­y and promote positive discrimina­tion for women. CHP: Will pay 25 percent of the employer’s share of Social Security Insurance premium for women’s employment. To increase women’s participat­ion in employment, will provide businesses which have more than 20 percent female employees with a tax exemption of one percentage point for every 5 percent additional female employment.

10 Public administra­tion

AK Party: Under the leadership of the Presidency, where the executive authority is given as head of state, will make quicker decisions. CHP: Will take competence as the basis for recruiting and promoting public employees. Will ensure that the most qualified segments of Turkish society work in the public sector.

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