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two decades ago but recovered over the last decade, fluctuat ng between 53 and 63 percent.

Accord ng to an Istanbul Chamber of Industry report, the rate of nterest pa d on net added value n 2017 was 16.8 percent wh le the share of prof t n terms of nat onal ncome was 36.3 percent. The share of pa d nterest reached ts h ghest level n 15 years n 2017 wh le the rate of prof t n terms nat onal ncome rose to ts h ghest level after 2011.

Thus, n 2017, half of the 5.8 percentage po nt decrease n the share of wages compared to the prev ous year was added to nterest pa d, wh le the other half was added to prof t. The share of nterest pa d and prof ts n ndustr al enterpr ses w th pr vate cap tal was 17 percent and 37.5 percent respect vely, h gher than that of publ c nst tut ons where the share of wages decreased by 9.1 po nts and the share of prof ts ncreased by 7.3 po nts wh le the share of wages ncreased by 33.2 po nts and the share of prof t decreased by 42.9 po nts. The ncrease n the share of pa d nterest was 1.9 po nts n pr vate nst tut ons and 9.6 n publ c nst tut ons.

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