Where will Kurdish votes go?


Dünya Executive - - POLITICS -

…I think that for the first time in this election, no one can clearly answer this question . ... First of all, the CHP candidate’s rally in Diyarbakir means that an important threshold has been passed …The CHP has not produced a policy that can solve the Kurdish question in large part because of its chronic denial of Kurdish rights and its policy of assimilati­on. The voters in the region vote according to candidates in rural areas; they vote politicall­y in the cities. Only Diyarbakir will be the scene of a voting distributi­on that is under the influence of both the countrysid­e and the city. The Felicity Party also makes a nod to the Kurdish vote by nominating symbolic candidates. The Independen­t candidacy of the HUDAPAR President will affect the balances in Diyarbakir. The AK Party, which has achieved the most serious reforms for the Kurds in the history of the Republic, has managed to become the center of gravity, unlike the CHP . ... For this reason, the AK Party is still the favorite party among the Kurds in this election.

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