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Muharrem Ince’s Diyarbakir rally has demolished the urban myth claiming that the CHP could never exist in the region. This has strengthen­ed the belief that the Kurdish electorate is likely to vote for Ince, if a runoff vote is held. The National Alliance is a very broad political reconcilia­tion consisting of social democrats, the center-right, nationalis­ts and conservati­ves. If the second ballot is held, this wide reconcilia­tion may include HDP supporters and conservati­ve Kurds who seem to be tending toward the Saadet Party… The opposition is on the rise and the status quo is on the decline, maybe in this election or, if not, in the local elections next year or, possibly, at new early elections that will be inevitable because the ruling party cannot rule the country. A new culture of reconcilia­tion and democracy is at the door. If that door is opened, Turkey will secure its status as a global leader and stand out in a world where democracy is on the decline. Eventually...

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