HDP passes electoral threshold, keeps seats in parliament

Dünya Executive - - OVERVIEW -

The Kurd sh- ssue focused Peoples’ Democrat c Party (HDP) managed to garner 11.17 percent of the votes n Turkey’s June 24 elect ons, pass ng the nat onal elect on threshold. The HDP could take up to 67 seats n parl ament, accord ng to the unoff c al prel m nary results. The party dom nated the polls n southeaste­rn prov nces, w nn ng more than 65 percent of the votes n ts stronghold­s D yarbak r, S rnak and Hakkar . In Mard n, Batman and Ağrı, ts vote share surpassed 55 percent. HDP supporters are celebrat ng the party’s return to parl ament n several c t es, nclud ng D yarbakır.

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