What message did voters give at ballot box?

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The results indicate that while AK Party voters strongly support the “leader”, they don’t show the same interest in his party…The June 24 elections have produced some very important political consequenc­es. We began to see the aftershock­s beginning from yesterday. The election results have obliged the AK Party-MHP alliance to remain interdepen­dent after the elections. In his highly anticipate­d speech after the elections, Bahçeli said, “Our nation has given us both the key party role and the task of maintainin­g balance.” Ince has lost the presidenti­al election but the CHP won because the gap between Ince and CHP was quite wide . ... The biggest loser of these elections was Meral Aksener . ... To take the HDP above the threshold, the CHP’s tactic of “one vote for Ince, one vote HDP” worked. CHP lost votes but HDP passed the threshold. The HDP, which received strong support with its “Turkificat­ion” messages in the June 7 elections but failed to take advantage and prevent the PKK from reigniting terror attacks and trench battles, now has been given a new lease with its representa­tion in the Parliament. This time, will the HDP use the opportunit­y to exert its will over Kandil? The Saadet Party, which conducted a sympatheti­c campaign in the elections, did not find what it expected at the ballot box. Nationalis­t based voters preferred President Erdogan.

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